Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A cross.

On a small hill called the skull, 2000+ years ago, a man was raised, nailed to a cruel Roman cross. His body was beaten and torn, bleeding He was nailed through his hands and his feet, and to breath He, in anguish had to push His torn flesh upward against the splintered wood just to receive a breath, which would only prolong His anguish. He was innocent of any crime, yet He was punished to Death. However, He chose to die this way. His reason was mixed with obedience and love. Love for a world that refused to receive it. This would not stop Him, He knew what must be done to save the very souls of those who would not want saving.

Today, we look back with knowledge of all that transpired. With the viewpoint of history we can know why this was done and how it could help us, if we would receive it.

Yeshua of Nazareth is His name. Our shame can be taken from us and put upon the cross which He so lovingly died upon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

my pain was minimal in comparison...

The pain of giving blood was particularly elevated in this particular instance. The tourniquet was left on very tightly and the needle was inserted at an improper angle pulling at the vein and I hate needles. Nevertheless, I overcame and did what I could, with my blood hopefully helping or perhaps saving someone. Its interesting how our blood from our veins could impact the life of another human being... no matter the color, religion, age or personality of the person...only their blood type would matter.

I look at this example in our lives as such a personal way to give to another, and then I think of a Savior that did the same on a basis that transcended time and space. Many people look to Jesus as either a: Savior, good teacher, prophet, sage, inciter, liar or a lunatic. However, if we approach this man openly, willing to read and explore who He is, he speaks from centuries past. His voice is loud if not louder than any time in history, yet so many choose ignorance. Perhaps there are people in this world that would refuse the blood of a Jewish person, or perhaps a Hindu, Islamist or maybe a Black person.. for whatever reason, call it prejudice, hatred, or religion... to deny something that could save your life..

Its been said Jesus or by his Hebrew name, Yeshua, has paid it all... with his blood, and it holds no boundaries. His blood rights all wrongs and washes the soul to be without blemish, perfect. Yeshua speaks of Himself as the Lamb of God, whose sacrificed blood would, if we allow it, take away the imperfections or sins of the world...but He left that choice up to us... His word were if you believe in me and in what I've done to free you... you will be free...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Saddam was a monster..

I see the horrific display of evil in this photo of a Kurdish woman and her infant after the Dictator Saddam Hussein deployed chemical warfare agents in 1988. Over 30,000 Kurds lost their lives to chemical weapons attacks by Saddam during the 1980's.

However, when I saw this photo, my heart began to hurt. To think how these human lives were ended due to lust for power and pure hatred. I look upon the face of this child and think of the millions and millions of babies that our country disposes of each atrocity equal to the moment in time caught in this image.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pro Life

Last Sunday our local pro-life crisis pregnancy center held a pro life rally here in Nanuet, NY. So before our family headed off to worship, we stopped to show our support for those that cannot defend themselves. Its demoralizing to think that since 1973 over 45 million people are not with us here in the US that should be. 45,000,000 babies have been SACRIFICED on the ALTER of self and the convenience thereof. Our country has about 310 million people now, so to make a comparison that's about 1/6th of our population in dumpsters or even worse in laboratories. My convictions on this issue are probably the strongest in my beliefs. Some may ask, how could I bring my child to a rally and ask them to hold a sign such as the one my son Malakai is holding. Its simple, I asked him if someone were going to kill him when he was a baby would he want someone to try and stop them...he says, yes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

mickey gets dissed

poor be associated with such a punk! I hear chubbys people are very angry about this reuters photo, which is a total luck shot! I talk with a lot of my south american friends and they feel the same way about chubby and his regime.. they're crazy and trying to ruin all the countries around venezuela.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

breathing is important for living.

how can we take for granted the most important necessity for living... how many times have we stopped to concentrate on our breath and then thanked our creator for giving that breath..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My man Christian eternal...

yeah, man I remember skating to be like Hosoi... Had the deck, the t-shirt, the stickers.. tried to replicate his tricks on miniramps and all that!! His story is inspiring and reminds me of when I was able to sort out my life and come to terms with the Messiah and decide to let HIM live in me so that I could start living right!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A tribute to Arnis...

Days past reminds me of time well spend learning the art of Arnis passed down through generations to the Acosta brothers of whom I had the privilege of studying under. Here we celebrated Luke's wedding and no one was twisted into a pretzel.

sweet memories...

At a sweet sixteen... you kinda remember what it was like to be sixteen. To now be more than double that number is so thought provoking that my synaptic bursts hurt the cerebral cortex. Would I want to go want to go back is to want to be foolish again, and since I've overcome the silly foolishness, I don't want to go back...however, now I have the serious foolishness to overcome, and when I'm over the hill, I'll be satisfied to be there as well!

and my wife looks so lovely!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

chopstick paper oragami

hana boy likes him some cali rolls...

wife and i like veggie rolls with spicy mayo...

little canaan likes the chopstick paper dragon and warthog pikachu!

Friday, September 5, 2008

joyous gravity video

this is a small bump jump...the next ones will be largernesseity.


ringwood, nj. new red trail extension. boulder that people like to ride their bicycles off of. me. early sunday morning. thanking GOD for gravity and the person who came up with full suspension bicycles. stay tuned for the video.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

egg car..Yaris

My good friend Mike G decided to save some green rather than really going green...His commute. Far. So he gets a mini mobile to get that extra mile outta that ever contributing dinosaur. This makes me wanna go the cheaper route on the next fossil cruncher, knowing that mini and inexpensive doesn't have to mean ugly...Mikes Yaris is a good lookin example!

I almost forgot... He still guzzles the petrol in his fancy red PORSCHE!!!!! Hey mike what's up with the picture of the caymen!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

potty world...

The "world" so to speak, not necessarily nature, but more of society at large. Imagine society always trying to look clean on the outside, but full of waste product within...
But then a message... not the normal message one finds in the world... usually the message is somewhat disturbing or sensual in manner, however today I saw a message that was out of the ordinary, what to do with the message...
I find a way to cleanse from the filth... the only way in this stall of sorts... and its like the message to a person living in the potty of life... their is one who can cleanse!

yeah... I know, I know... how can you compare grace with a port'o'potty.. well its quite descriptive and to the point. I only elaborate on a biblical author, Paul's idea that: in comparision to the grace of God... we can count our accomplishments as crap.

Monday, August 11, 2008

mysterious cutting of fingers..

These two young men unintentionally cut there two opposing fingers on the same day, near the same time, in separate locations. Coincidence, I think not. Wanna know what really happened that the book!

Actually I think its due to clumsiness. Nerds.

global warming, global schwarming...

I though this a funny way to actually comment on an "adcouncil ad". Some character takes the time to go to this vending machine advertisement and check the box they feel most comfortable with... when I saw this box checked... I knew I wasn't alone!

dishes are done!

victory is finally mine... after months, no years of saving and scratching... my masterpiece is done. My trip to "diablo" downhill course only gratified my work all the more. The bike performed very well, although due to rider error I flattened my rear tire. Nevertheless, I said to myself before the first trial: self, if it doesn't perform well hang it on a wall and call it art.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pure simplicity.

I likes good common sense you?

Friday, July 25, 2008

finite infamy

This little graphic caught my eye. Its clean and comical...and it travels to see the nations hiways and byways! I don't advocate vandalism, however if it does happen, and it will, it should be tasteful like this!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batman premiere

No I did not attend the premiere nor was I included in this batman fan zeal photo op. The three young fellows waited in a long line to see the midnight premiere of "the dark knight". They seemed joyed at the request for an action photo for blogging purposes. I like these type of guys, don't take themselves too seriously, and have fun doing it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

eternal light?

This lamp by Design Academy Eindhoven student Marieke Staps claims to use dirt for power. Power is needed to light the low voltage led... just like the potato light from science lab days past. This lamp is "Planted" in a dirt hole and it is supposedly supposed to go on as long as the led holds out...but I hear that the ground where the electrolyte conversion process takes place becomes toxic to plant life because too much exchange from the copper does bad things?? nevertheless a very inventive and beautiful design...not quite the eternal light I dream of.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

BLEGS... or bleggin it.

I am coining this phrase: "blegs" or "bleggin it". These youths with their tight pants hanging down pass their appears as if their back flows right to the leg, without the interruption of the cheeks we sit upon. Hence the combination word back+legs=blegs, kinda like calves+ankles=cankles? It's not as mean as the later, and its not meant to be mean, just to describe such a strange fashion expression. I watch as the pants are constantly being pulled up, only to slide back down...this could prove injurious if one was running and the pants slipped to trip up the stride!

Blegs! I always make the statement when I see the youth group kids blegging it. Ha!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We were out eating at an establishment that provides a format to leave impressionable marks upon. It happened that the formed wax cylinder called crayon ended up as the prescribed instrument of recording... My son whom I've been training in the ways of the scribe surprised the daylights outta me with this kinda creature head. It is quite the difference from his battle laden photo's of space fighters both man and machine... yes this was a real treat to see such a thoughtful impression...

wishing it would never end...

As time passes, as it always does, I look back at moments suspended in time via two dimensional images. Its strange to look at the past so remember the moments as they grow more faint. Its not so much sad as it is an odd feeling, to see a moment of the past so accurately captured, yet not really know the emotion or the very senses. Of course, I live in this moment, and when I'm with the wifey or kiddies I want to make the most of those moments, however fleeting they might be. I guess because I know that the moments we have will affect the moments, Lord willing, to come... either negatively or positively. Therefore, my thesis is to live each moment fully, with the intention to do the best one can, however we will fail, yet as long as we have the moment, we can improve.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I am now on the hunt for further inspiration in the realm of Architecture, my first hope in academia never realized past foundation year. This inspiration is due to the expectant ownership of a house with an actual yard. More photos to follow once the closing...uhhh, closes? Well this particular photo is NOT my home...tears. No it is only a push for inspiration as I must go into major building mode to transform a drastically reduced structure into something where life can flow. More to follow...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Church stolen

Well, I think the sign speaks for itself. A group of Jesus' followers had their storage trailer stolen, along with 75% of all their ministry stuff, from bibles to speakers to children's toys. This group of North Carolinians didn't get mad, they instead used this opportunity to show their face and offer forgiveness and a free dinner to the thieves if they would accept. The Pastor even made a you tube video explaining their desires...


Saturday, April 19, 2008

paper hands

Got inspired by an amazing illustrator yesterday...took a shot at pickin up my pencil. click pic to see detail

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eternal light...

Ibaraki_Kasugaoka. This Japanese Architect has constructed the perfect building, for me, in which to worship. My reasoning, is due to the reduction of religious iconography which leads to, well, religion. Since Yeshua didn't come to create a religion, I feel simplicity best suits worship of an unseen Creator. Though I would never want to reduce the importance of the work completed upon the cross, the symbol of my shame and at the same time the triumph of my Messiah. Furthermore, Yeshua speaks of how HE is the light of the world and came into this world to save, by way of the cross... This building, as a place to worship, complements singleness of though and focus, not on earthly objects, but the very light that is the symbol of life and a picture of Yeshua.

The Hybrid from finitity past!

As I traveled southbound on the NYS thruway, I encountered the non-"green" Hybrid. This seems to be a modern day hybrid attempt in appearance only...and I don't think the two souls traversing the asphalt path had any intentions of "greenity". They were of caucasian decent and resembled death metal band members, not very happy ones at that. Nevertheless, I venture to say, however opposite of green this hybrid is, one cannot pass on the design process involving a death gothic leaning.

The stone which the builders refused is become the head cornerstone.

A website for those seeking...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hybrid on the New York State Thruway

Death comes ripping (Misfits)...that's what came to mind when I saw this "Hybrid" car...yeah it isn't green even by the sweetest golden crude standards...but none can deny its hybrid design. A couple of strange brew cats were at the helm of this warship when I snapped by.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

stages of teddy bear life

Artist Stephanie Metz does a wonderful service to life with this incredible idea. The stages of development from a teddy bears perspective, in which children, might gain an understanding of the miracle of life. What an imaginative way to simplify the goings on within the womb when life is being fearfully and wonderfully woven together. I'm looking for this set for my own children's education! I probably won't get the skull rendition of teddy bear, however, I also applaud a very seemingly original idea.

The eternal cow..

I grew up in a small small town in south Texas. As long as I can remember, this cow has been ever present. About two years ago I ended up bringing my family to my hometown to bid a farewell to my great Aunt Ina who passed on into eternity. Well, wouldn't you know that this cow was there, staring out into eternity, as it has always done...not looking a day older or younger. The restuarant is in decay, yet the cow remains mostly unscathed.

finite photos, seemingly infinite

I heard about this photosynth project a while ago, but I just rediscovered it recently. It is an facinating tool. I see great creativity, but also a strange uneasyness of this kind of capability.

Friday, February 29, 2008

what happens when the eternal touches the finite.

I hope someone has 10 mins to spare to check this out... I think you would enjoy the filming, but more importantly the implications of the word spoken. This is video isn't judgemental or forcing just asks a questions and perhaps answers some as well.

annual finite sculpture...

So...every year since creation of my son's life, we (I) sculpt the lovable Japanese animation character known throughout the eastern most island of the orient, as Totoro. A lovable creature of folklore, from "mystical" origins, a kind of forest spirit as the legend has it. He is only seen by children, because adults seem to lose the ability to capture the essence of that which is not rooted in Newtonian aspects of physics.

I think this picture kinda captures the mystical look of a child, my baby girl Canaan, upon something which she could only see as not just snow, but as her friend who she'll see next year, hopefully.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

finite first day..

Malakai's first day of pre-preschool was one that I actually missed. I rendered this from a photo that the lovely misses took, and he seemed so melancholy...I may have exaggerated this emotion, but I hope I captured it. He happens to love school now.

Monday, February 18, 2008

artwork in aluminum

I started downhill mountain biking about 1-2 years ago...and I have to say gravity is an amazing gift and privilege given by the creator.

To find, in the midst of many design failures, something that is both artfully produced as well as functionally top rate is something akin to the apple company.

finite measurements by bell & ross

Finite measuring instrument. This is piece with which I would personally like to measure the intangible nonmolecular notion of time. I like the stealth theme, like I'm secretly keeping track of this essence we are quite bound to...

Imagine being immortal yet bound to finite time...seeing all you know grow old and pass on...having to get new a i.d. every turn of the century...and imagine trying to get a passport...or what if you ended up in prison, for life.

eternal relationship...

Looking at the Scriptures in the compilation known as the "Holy Bible" we can find an answer to the question: How do we love the eternal being known as "GOD"?

Well, we must first believe that there is something larger than ourselves, an absolute truth that can be known, and that this book of books is the source. That's tough, because, in our ignorance, we simply say: "how do we know that someone didn't change it?" or "just a bunch of guys wrote that.." But do we really know what we are talking about? Have we ever investigated the source of scripture and the reliability thereof? We can know the truth about these issues, and from my personal experience the physical evidence proved overwhelming.

I think the Creator calls us by name and we can choose to ignore or we can choose to heed this supernatural yet intangible calling. I'm sure most reading this, if honest with themselves, would agree that this idea of GOD has imposed itself upon the soul at one time or another... I think some people choose to seek, genuinely seek, and still others do not want the rule maker to spoil their fun. "Religion" has thoroughly made the latter misconception of GOD's intentions abundantly available, that's why I for one take no comfort in "religion" which is "man's attempt to reach GOD on the basis of their own merit" whereas the ability to LOVE GOD is a relationship or rather: "GOD's attempt to reach us on HIS perfect merit and Love."

This idea of relationship is clearly pronounced throughout the Biblical accounts, ie: Abram's encounter as friend of GOD, Moses', David's, Elijah's, and especially when GOD came to live among us...this idea, having the implication of becoming frail like us, enduring all that we must endure, and loving the most unlovable among us...completely.

Like a child, we must show our love through our actions...This doesn't save us from condemnation that we constantly live in and shovel fuel into the fire thereof..
Only the work of living perfectly and providing a covering for our sin(imperfection)can afford us salvation, yet we fall far short. Nevertheless, as the Scriptures state, this Jesus (hebrew: Yeshua meaning savior) has accomplished this work, and not only that, but died to conquer death on our behalf. What work do we do to earn this love...none. We simply must believe this is the truth..not on blind faith, but the evidence that has been carried down for centuries enduring critic after critic and trial after trial, always able to overcome. Even today evidence of this freedom can be seen in the lives of transformed people, the people that one would assume on a humanistic level, have no chance for redemption!

Looking at the relationship I look at my son, when he does as I wish, he shows his respect for my wisdom for his life and this in turn shows his trust and love for me as his dad. (The wisdom I speak of is not a kingly all knowing wisdom that is to dictate his life, no it is wisdom that will keep him from harm to his physical body as well as his emotional well being.) He shows the most important aspect of our relationship, not the obeying of my rules *which are for his benefit*, but he as reveals his love for me in his trusting my hope for his life.

Monday, February 4, 2008

a finite view of design

For myself, design begins and ends with strict right angles and the geometry that ensues from the use of this simple rule. Perhaps, a majority could not envision such a drastic division from the fact and form subdivisions that we grew up with, as home. Maybe this type of form presents a coldness, and yes this particular specimen pictured does lend a industrial chill, however with a dash of natural cedar planks and perhaps some warm earth tones it could be near temperate.

What I'm focusing on is the intent of simplicity, using space and geometry to make a cubist sculpture (art) and also an interior of living openess. This allows the majority of community space, i.e. living room, kitchen, dining, to be enjoyed from any part of the floor plan. Yet, private space such as bedrooms almost seem like personal tree forts.

I know this type of "modern or contemporary" design is selective, however, if we don't jump to judgement based on first impressions, you never know...

Last, but not least, is the perspective of less waste and more efficiency in building and maintaining a structure, such as a house. Most traditional homes have varying degrees of angles inherent in design, and these angles not only add extra cost to a structure, but also produce significant material waste($) . Furthermore, modern type architecture lends one to look differently at finishing materials such as a polished concrete slab floor poured over hot water piping running throughout allowing super efficient heating and lower energy consumption equaling lower bills! And where traditional type flooring is used, not so traditional sources pop up in the form of highly renewable wood flooring like bamboo... all of which only add to a modernesque style.

Its not everyone's cup of tea, but its definitely a simmering cup of water waiting for the chance to steep.

congrats to Plaxico and the Giants

I'm not such the avid watcher of football Americana, however I make quite the exception when a team like the Giants makes it to the Super Bowl. I have to admit, the game was edge of your seat excitement and both teams played to win. Yet there was something in the way the Giants defense kept their intensity on full power. It seemed as if Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady just couldn't get a chance to let go of the pigskin before he was knocked to the ground. There was no stopping Strahan and his defensive line. Only in the midst of the fourth quarter could you see them let up their barrage of attack. However, after Brady was allowed to score due to the Giant's defensive "rest", the intensity was turned up to boiling. They didn't stop until they forced a fourth down defeat for Brady's Patriots.

Now for the interesting viewpoint. In the picture above we see the giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress kneeling to honor God after his game winning touchdown reception. Even after the game Plaxico had the first interview and continued in this humility. He was thankful to God not for the win of the superbowl (since one would believe God has no interest in triumph of a game) but thankful that through his year of injuries he was able to persevere. Thankful that he had the ability and talent to do his job and do it successfully.

Its reassuring how poetic justice has proven it's point yet again. The Patriots were caught cheating this year, by making illegal video recordings of the opposing teams play calls, giving them a disputed edge. Now of course anyone can see their talent and ability, however to win at any cost, even cheating, is a very weak link. They were going to have a perfect season with a definate win over a "overconfident" team that shouldn't have statistically made it to the big game. Nevertheless, the underdogs won and robbed the Patriots of their perfect season and the most important game to any coach or players life; The Super Bowl.

Did God care about this game, I still doubt it, however, it is ironic how everything turned out!

Friday, February 1, 2008

finite creates the less finite

Perhaps you have viewed this video before, nevertheless I'm in awe whenever I watch it. I received my degree in 3d modeling and animation in 2000(however, I do not use this knowledge) and I'm floored by the realistic feel of this production.
More importantly, at this moment in humanity we are approaching an episode similar to what you have viewed. If it is true that life imitates art, I sure hope we keep an eye out for the droid that gets struck by lightning and becomes disgruntled...

However, I like the role they play here as some sort of peace officer where peace is often a fleeting notion.

Speaking of peace, I'm sure most people understand it is not a realistic option for our world as it stands now. To much evil and not enough good. I think the peace that is possible, the peace that Jesus spoke of, the kind that only He can give, takes place in ones own life. He wasn't talking about Jimmy Carter Oslow peace accords peace...because obviously that kind is fleeting. Jesus spoke about peace with God through His willingness to be the peace offering!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

special ops jedi gill

My good pal, Gill Henkle, is the closest thing we have to a jedi in this world. Here we see Gill in one of the Middle Eastern theaters of conflict. He is one of my hero's because he sticks his neck out for all of us here and misses so much time with his family to do his job.

I'm sure many people have different ideas about the decisions made by administrations past and present... yet one thing we can all agree on, is that the faithful service carried out by people like Gill should never be forgotten nor should it be impuned.

Godspeed to you and your family Gill. May the Good Lord shine his face upon you and give you peace.

finite fixie fun: nyc

Me, R2d2, Ben (bro-n-law), and Jesse (mechanical genius) in times square this past fall.

sheldon as: the bodyguard

Big sheldon's back in town on his annual visit from the pasta paradise known as Italy. Check out his employment as star bassist in the Italian entertainment industries own:

And in the picture, you'll see he does some pro-bono security work for the likes of the super cute girl with a boy's name: canaan.

One must always be secure...even at the fancy bargain shops of Woodbury Commons! (A lot of foreigners, of which sheldon being the international chap that he is, knows how to deal with their shenanigans) Of course sheldon's bodyguard duties here in the etats unis is finite.

malakai's baby teeth...finite.

Tooth money giver paid a handsome price for these three gems.