Tuesday, January 29, 2008

finite fixie fun: nyc

Me, R2d2, Ben (bro-n-law), and Jesse (mechanical genius) in times square this past fall.


R.Dress said...

Hey Charles!

Good to hear from you buddy. I didn't know you became a massager. haha

I miss my track bike bro. I lost it during 9-11. Long story.

We should hook up some time. After the Super Bowl, I'm going to transform into Mr. healthy living life style Rob. Perhaps I'll have a track bike by the summer and we will go ridding in Central Park. Or what ever. I'm so out of the loop with the old crew. I pass by your old house all the time on my motorcycle during the summer, but I never stop by because I figured, why would your mom want to see me. You probably moved out having a kid and being married and all.

Rockland is looking more and more appealing for me to live as the city is getting more and more expensive. Neighbor hoods are being torn down, and replaced with what looks to me like jail cells. There is not a block in this town with out scaffolding on it. Are there any more neighborhoods left in NYC that still retain it's virtue? Same goes with Brooklyn. Show me some one who lives in Williamsburg and I'll show you some one from Connecticut. Any how I'm rambling.

Young-ins got some fangs!!!! Love the car by the way. Must be fun to drive.
Here's my cell, give a ring when you can.

charles ray loudermilk said...

you know it!! call on its way today.

Anonymous said...

you look like ali g in one of the pics! did you guys bike to nyc?
anyways..liking the blog!