Tuesday, January 29, 2008

special ops jedi gill

My good pal, Gill Henkle, is the closest thing we have to a jedi in this world. Here we see Gill in one of the Middle Eastern theaters of conflict. He is one of my hero's because he sticks his neck out for all of us here and misses so much time with his family to do his job.

I'm sure many people have different ideas about the decisions made by administrations past and present... yet one thing we can all agree on, is that the faithful service carried out by people like Gill should never be forgotten nor should it be impuned.

Godspeed to you and your family Gill. May the Good Lord shine his face upon you and give you peace.

finite fixie fun: nyc

Me, R2d2, Ben (bro-n-law), and Jesse (mechanical genius) in times square this past fall.

sheldon as: the bodyguard

Big sheldon's back in town on his annual visit from the pasta paradise known as Italy. Check out his employment as star bassist in the Italian entertainment industries own:


And in the picture, you'll see he does some pro-bono security work for the likes of the super cute girl with a boy's name: canaan.

One must always be secure...even at the fancy bargain shops of Woodbury Commons! (A lot of foreigners, of which sheldon being the international chap that he is, knows how to deal with their shenanigans) Of course sheldon's bodyguard duties here in the etats unis is finite.

malakai's baby teeth...finite.

Tooth money giver paid a handsome price for these three gems.

a finite thing i enjoy

I like our little red wagon... it is practical and I can have fun modding it. More importantly it carries some finite eternal beings that I treasure dearly. Not to mention the groceries!

Modding things is inherent in my DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, I think. Most things I possess, whether it be for transportation, communication, or recreation, I can't seem to leave them as the manufacturer intended. Tinkering with things and making them personal is an interesting creation process.

Its funny, because if you look at raising kids, one can surmise that...in a sense your modding them to your ideas. However, my insight comes from an ancient book so I guess its a little different than modding. However, my son has had a blonde mohawk...so there is some modding.

everyday growth

After 10 years of following YeshuaHa'Mashiac, I'm grateful for the wisdom imparted. Furthermore, I've come to know it never ends. Rob Bell's ministry of short films called: nooma, have posed questions that sparked another awakening of growth in my soul. It is simply how to love like Jesus.