Monday, August 6, 2012

now, where was i...

oh yeah, black and white two very distinct colors..not at all the colors of organic beings known as homo-sapiens, and yet the label clings. At any rate, reality dictates that one is the absence of all color, while the other is all color combined. From eternity, the all shown out of the absence with just a Word.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

to carry.

Small humans less of age fit nicely into wagons being pulled by larger humans more of age. Smiles are found at the happy expense of the larger human. But perhaps the larger human could modify the wagon into something more personalized.. maybe lower the ride height for the simple pleasure of changing the status quo.

Humans are like wagons and they need to be modified from the world status quo into something that can promote smiles.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

an eternity since last post.

Its been not quite an eternity, but long enough for many beautiful and temporal creations to blossom. Confederate Motorcycles have been pushing the limits of motorcycledom for sometime now, but until now they didn't completely break the bounds.

The P-120 Fighter is a ground up venture carved from aluminum by way of cnc machine. Completely CAD designed with intentions other than comfort or familiarity in mind. Much aircraft inspired work went into this design and the frame and engine are actually bolted to get for a structural union of the 160 HP!

This simplicity sadly comes at a very high cost, but then anything outta of the main stream seems to cost more, but once obtained definitely satisfies more.

Mainstream religion is similar to the mass production of anything, it gets cheaper the more that are made until its so familiar nothing else would be accepted.. hence unless your belief costs you something more that a saturday or sunday morning then it probably doesn't amount to much.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

time past not forgotten

Many Americans slept while the young adults of Iran fought to take back part of their government this past summer. They wore green and came out in droves to support a man with a questionable past but a centered today and a hopeful tomorrow, Mousavi.

This photo doesn't represent my idea of the radical islamist persians I once believed to be gathered heavy beards and brooding with contemplations of a sucidal bliss road to heaven... No I don't see a burka covering every square inch of female skin nor do I see jihadist seeking bloody revenge.

I see a banana republic style dressed female standing up to the forced election of a dictator like executive ruler known as Ahmadinejad. Yes there were young ladies and young men who were martyred for their search for a freer society as many are whenever a desire for freedom is pursued.

I hope for the desires of their hearts to become reality.

time is not static

As unsettling as it can be to look at the truth that time does not offer friendship to finite beings, it is important to acknowledge this truth. We often live as if this moment to moment existence does not end in change as we age with time. Static images that began in the 19th century have led us to our current state of being, with gigabytes of stored static moments that easily reveal the passage of time.

How many times have we looked at "old" photos and thought about the passage of time? More than once I'm sure. I think that this presented an interesting paradigm in our existence, since now more than ever we are reminded of our mortality even as we stand in the grocery line glancing at the tabloids and their unwilling subjects, which causes the thought of the aging famous person. Then we think, "Hey were progressing into tomorrow at the same rate of time."

Most religions look to answer the questions regarding to the "otherside" or heaven so to speak. However, I pose the question: What if Heaven is coming to us? What if our ultimate goal is not to go somewhere better forever, but that this place we call earth will unite with something perfect that will infect and affect this dirt and water into becoming the same?

And just like those images, those that chose humility under the Creator, and turned to him, so that the Creator God would be ABLE to heal them, our lives would become like those beautiful static images that we so cherish.. We will be living what we cherish and time will no longer be the foe?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is Truth? especially when we break it to another.

My small group bible study is in the process of going through a learning experience called the 40 days of Love. 40 days are to resemble what the Messiah went through when He began his ministry with a 40 day fast in the wilderness, not only to face the hardships of the body, but of the spirit. He was tempted by the accuser himself, and Messiah walked away victorious.

So upon this idea of 40 days facing a journey to overcome something in our lives, we've embarked on a spiritual journey to understand and carry out Love and the Creator prescribes.

So as a presentation to our fellowship of believers, I with my wife put together a script and idea of filming a short idea of what we're learning.