Wednesday, October 28, 2009

time past not forgotten

Many Americans slept while the young adults of Iran fought to take back part of their government this past summer. They wore green and came out in droves to support a man with a questionable past but a centered today and a hopeful tomorrow, Mousavi.

This photo doesn't represent my idea of the radical islamist persians I once believed to be gathered heavy beards and brooding with contemplations of a sucidal bliss road to heaven... No I don't see a burka covering every square inch of female skin nor do I see jihadist seeking bloody revenge.

I see a banana republic style dressed female standing up to the forced election of a dictator like executive ruler known as Ahmadinejad. Yes there were young ladies and young men who were martyred for their search for a freer society as many are whenever a desire for freedom is pursued.

I hope for the desires of their hearts to become reality.

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