Wednesday, October 28, 2009

time is not static

As unsettling as it can be to look at the truth that time does not offer friendship to finite beings, it is important to acknowledge this truth. We often live as if this moment to moment existence does not end in change as we age with time. Static images that began in the 19th century have led us to our current state of being, with gigabytes of stored static moments that easily reveal the passage of time.

How many times have we looked at "old" photos and thought about the passage of time? More than once I'm sure. I think that this presented an interesting paradigm in our existence, since now more than ever we are reminded of our mortality even as we stand in the grocery line glancing at the tabloids and their unwilling subjects, which causes the thought of the aging famous person. Then we think, "Hey were progressing into tomorrow at the same rate of time."

Most religions look to answer the questions regarding to the "otherside" or heaven so to speak. However, I pose the question: What if Heaven is coming to us? What if our ultimate goal is not to go somewhere better forever, but that this place we call earth will unite with something perfect that will infect and affect this dirt and water into becoming the same?

And just like those images, those that chose humility under the Creator, and turned to him, so that the Creator God would be ABLE to heal them, our lives would become like those beautiful static images that we so cherish.. We will be living what we cherish and time will no longer be the foe?

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