Monday, February 18, 2008

artwork in aluminum

I started downhill mountain biking about 1-2 years ago...and I have to say gravity is an amazing gift and privilege given by the creator.

To find, in the midst of many design failures, something that is both artfully produced as well as functionally top rate is something akin to the apple company.


Vee said...

I'm afraid of rollerblading downhill because of the increasing velocity. I had one accident.

I love bike riding, I will probably get a better bike in the future and I love riding on bridges BUT I WILL NOT TRY downhill mountain biking any time soon. I know you're wearing protective gear.


charles ray loudermilk said...

everything but the chest protector!

Anonymous said...

Roller blading down hill gives ya a rush man. Dont knock it....That is a lovely piece of machinery

charles said...

ha! no disrespect to the bladers...i was talking bout my chest protector!! the rocks are jagged and huge on the mountains without snow!! but for me blading would be a step down from killin my knees and hips skating!