Monday, February 4, 2008

congrats to Plaxico and the Giants

I'm not such the avid watcher of football Americana, however I make quite the exception when a team like the Giants makes it to the Super Bowl. I have to admit, the game was edge of your seat excitement and both teams played to win. Yet there was something in the way the Giants defense kept their intensity on full power. It seemed as if Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady just couldn't get a chance to let go of the pigskin before he was knocked to the ground. There was no stopping Strahan and his defensive line. Only in the midst of the fourth quarter could you see them let up their barrage of attack. However, after Brady was allowed to score due to the Giant's defensive "rest", the intensity was turned up to boiling. They didn't stop until they forced a fourth down defeat for Brady's Patriots.

Now for the interesting viewpoint. In the picture above we see the giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress kneeling to honor God after his game winning touchdown reception. Even after the game Plaxico had the first interview and continued in this humility. He was thankful to God not for the win of the superbowl (since one would believe God has no interest in triumph of a game) but thankful that through his year of injuries he was able to persevere. Thankful that he had the ability and talent to do his job and do it successfully.

Its reassuring how poetic justice has proven it's point yet again. The Patriots were caught cheating this year, by making illegal video recordings of the opposing teams play calls, giving them a disputed edge. Now of course anyone can see their talent and ability, however to win at any cost, even cheating, is a very weak link. They were going to have a perfect season with a definate win over a "overconfident" team that shouldn't have statistically made it to the big game. Nevertheless, the underdogs won and robbed the Patriots of their perfect season and the most important game to any coach or players life; The Super Bowl.

Did God care about this game, I still doubt it, however, it is ironic how everything turned out!

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