Monday, February 18, 2008

eternal relationship...

Looking at the Scriptures in the compilation known as the "Holy Bible" we can find an answer to the question: How do we love the eternal being known as "GOD"?

Well, we must first believe that there is something larger than ourselves, an absolute truth that can be known, and that this book of books is the source. That's tough, because, in our ignorance, we simply say: "how do we know that someone didn't change it?" or "just a bunch of guys wrote that.." But do we really know what we are talking about? Have we ever investigated the source of scripture and the reliability thereof? We can know the truth about these issues, and from my personal experience the physical evidence proved overwhelming.

I think the Creator calls us by name and we can choose to ignore or we can choose to heed this supernatural yet intangible calling. I'm sure most reading this, if honest with themselves, would agree that this idea of GOD has imposed itself upon the soul at one time or another... I think some people choose to seek, genuinely seek, and still others do not want the rule maker to spoil their fun. "Religion" has thoroughly made the latter misconception of GOD's intentions abundantly available, that's why I for one take no comfort in "religion" which is "man's attempt to reach GOD on the basis of their own merit" whereas the ability to LOVE GOD is a relationship or rather: "GOD's attempt to reach us on HIS perfect merit and Love."

This idea of relationship is clearly pronounced throughout the Biblical accounts, ie: Abram's encounter as friend of GOD, Moses', David's, Elijah's, and especially when GOD came to live among us...this idea, having the implication of becoming frail like us, enduring all that we must endure, and loving the most unlovable among us...completely.

Like a child, we must show our love through our actions...This doesn't save us from condemnation that we constantly live in and shovel fuel into the fire thereof..
Only the work of living perfectly and providing a covering for our sin(imperfection)can afford us salvation, yet we fall far short. Nevertheless, as the Scriptures state, this Jesus (hebrew: Yeshua meaning savior) has accomplished this work, and not only that, but died to conquer death on our behalf. What work do we do to earn this love...none. We simply must believe this is the truth..not on blind faith, but the evidence that has been carried down for centuries enduring critic after critic and trial after trial, always able to overcome. Even today evidence of this freedom can be seen in the lives of transformed people, the people that one would assume on a humanistic level, have no chance for redemption!

Looking at the relationship I look at my son, when he does as I wish, he shows his respect for my wisdom for his life and this in turn shows his trust and love for me as his dad. (The wisdom I speak of is not a kingly all knowing wisdom that is to dictate his life, no it is wisdom that will keep him from harm to his physical body as well as his emotional well being.) He shows the most important aspect of our relationship, not the obeying of my rules *which are for his benefit*, but he as reveals his love for me in his trusting my hope for his life.

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