Friday, February 1, 2008

finite creates the less finite

Perhaps you have viewed this video before, nevertheless I'm in awe whenever I watch it. I received my degree in 3d modeling and animation in 2000(however, I do not use this knowledge) and I'm floored by the realistic feel of this production.
More importantly, at this moment in humanity we are approaching an episode similar to what you have viewed. If it is true that life imitates art, I sure hope we keep an eye out for the droid that gets struck by lightning and becomes disgruntled...

However, I like the role they play here as some sort of peace officer where peace is often a fleeting notion.

Speaking of peace, I'm sure most people understand it is not a realistic option for our world as it stands now. To much evil and not enough good. I think the peace that is possible, the peace that Jesus spoke of, the kind that only He can give, takes place in ones own life. He wasn't talking about Jimmy Carter Oslow peace accords peace...because obviously that kind is fleeting. Jesus spoke about peace with God through His willingness to be the peace offering!

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