Wednesday, August 27, 2008

potty world...

The "world" so to speak, not necessarily nature, but more of society at large. Imagine society always trying to look clean on the outside, but full of waste product within...
But then a message... not the normal message one finds in the world... usually the message is somewhat disturbing or sensual in manner, however today I saw a message that was out of the ordinary, what to do with the message...
I find a way to cleanse from the filth... the only way in this stall of sorts... and its like the message to a person living in the potty of life... their is one who can cleanse!

yeah... I know, I know... how can you compare grace with a port'o'potty.. well its quite descriptive and to the point. I only elaborate on a biblical author, Paul's idea that: in comparision to the grace of God... we can count our accomplishments as crap.

Monday, August 11, 2008

mysterious cutting of fingers..

These two young men unintentionally cut there two opposing fingers on the same day, near the same time, in separate locations. Coincidence, I think not. Wanna know what really happened that the book!

Actually I think its due to clumsiness. Nerds.

global warming, global schwarming...

I though this a funny way to actually comment on an "adcouncil ad". Some character takes the time to go to this vending machine advertisement and check the box they feel most comfortable with... when I saw this box checked... I knew I wasn't alone!

dishes are done!

victory is finally mine... after months, no years of saving and scratching... my masterpiece is done. My trip to "diablo" downhill course only gratified my work all the more. The bike performed very well, although due to rider error I flattened my rear tire. Nevertheless, I said to myself before the first trial: self, if it doesn't perform well hang it on a wall and call it art.