Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A cross.

On a small hill called the skull, 2000+ years ago, a man was raised, nailed to a cruel Roman cross. His body was beaten and torn, bleeding He was nailed through his hands and his feet, and to breath He, in anguish had to push His torn flesh upward against the splintered wood just to receive a breath, which would only prolong His anguish. He was innocent of any crime, yet He was punished to Death. However, He chose to die this way. His reason was mixed with obedience and love. Love for a world that refused to receive it. This would not stop Him, He knew what must be done to save the very souls of those who would not want saving.

Today, we look back with knowledge of all that transpired. With the viewpoint of history we can know why this was done and how it could help us, if we would receive it.

Yeshua of Nazareth is His name. Our shame can be taken from us and put upon the cross which He so lovingly died upon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

my pain was minimal in comparison...

The pain of giving blood was particularly elevated in this particular instance. The tourniquet was left on very tightly and the needle was inserted at an improper angle pulling at the vein and I hate needles. Nevertheless, I overcame and did what I could, with my blood hopefully helping or perhaps saving someone. Its interesting how our blood from our veins could impact the life of another human being... no matter the color, religion, age or personality of the person...only their blood type would matter.

I look at this example in our lives as such a personal way to give to another, and then I think of a Savior that did the same on a basis that transcended time and space. Many people look to Jesus as either a: Savior, good teacher, prophet, sage, inciter, liar or a lunatic. However, if we approach this man openly, willing to read and explore who He is, he speaks from centuries past. His voice is loud if not louder than any time in history, yet so many choose ignorance. Perhaps there are people in this world that would refuse the blood of a Jewish person, or perhaps a Hindu, Islamist or maybe a Black person.. for whatever reason, call it prejudice, hatred, or religion... to deny something that could save your life..

Its been said Jesus or by his Hebrew name, Yeshua, has paid it all... with his blood, and it holds no boundaries. His blood rights all wrongs and washes the soul to be without blemish, perfect. Yeshua speaks of Himself as the Lamb of God, whose sacrificed blood would, if we allow it, take away the imperfections or sins of the world...but He left that choice up to us... His word were if you believe in me and in what I've done to free you... you will be free...