Friday, February 29, 2008

what happens when the eternal touches the finite.

I hope someone has 10 mins to spare to check this out... I think you would enjoy the filming, but more importantly the implications of the word spoken. This is video isn't judgemental or forcing just asks a questions and perhaps answers some as well.

annual finite sculpture...

So...every year since creation of my son's life, we (I) sculpt the lovable Japanese animation character known throughout the eastern most island of the orient, as Totoro. A lovable creature of folklore, from "mystical" origins, a kind of forest spirit as the legend has it. He is only seen by children, because adults seem to lose the ability to capture the essence of that which is not rooted in Newtonian aspects of physics.

I think this picture kinda captures the mystical look of a child, my baby girl Canaan, upon something which she could only see as not just snow, but as her friend who she'll see next year, hopefully.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

finite first day..

Malakai's first day of pre-preschool was one that I actually missed. I rendered this from a photo that the lovely misses took, and he seemed so melancholy...I may have exaggerated this emotion, but I hope I captured it. He happens to love school now.

Monday, February 18, 2008

artwork in aluminum

I started downhill mountain biking about 1-2 years ago...and I have to say gravity is an amazing gift and privilege given by the creator.

To find, in the midst of many design failures, something that is both artfully produced as well as functionally top rate is something akin to the apple company.

finite measurements by bell & ross

Finite measuring instrument. This is piece with which I would personally like to measure the intangible nonmolecular notion of time. I like the stealth theme, like I'm secretly keeping track of this essence we are quite bound to...

Imagine being immortal yet bound to finite time...seeing all you know grow old and pass on...having to get new a i.d. every turn of the century...and imagine trying to get a passport...or what if you ended up in prison, for life.

eternal relationship...

Looking at the Scriptures in the compilation known as the "Holy Bible" we can find an answer to the question: How do we love the eternal being known as "GOD"?

Well, we must first believe that there is something larger than ourselves, an absolute truth that can be known, and that this book of books is the source. That's tough, because, in our ignorance, we simply say: "how do we know that someone didn't change it?" or "just a bunch of guys wrote that.." But do we really know what we are talking about? Have we ever investigated the source of scripture and the reliability thereof? We can know the truth about these issues, and from my personal experience the physical evidence proved overwhelming.

I think the Creator calls us by name and we can choose to ignore or we can choose to heed this supernatural yet intangible calling. I'm sure most reading this, if honest with themselves, would agree that this idea of GOD has imposed itself upon the soul at one time or another... I think some people choose to seek, genuinely seek, and still others do not want the rule maker to spoil their fun. "Religion" has thoroughly made the latter misconception of GOD's intentions abundantly available, that's why I for one take no comfort in "religion" which is "man's attempt to reach GOD on the basis of their own merit" whereas the ability to LOVE GOD is a relationship or rather: "GOD's attempt to reach us on HIS perfect merit and Love."

This idea of relationship is clearly pronounced throughout the Biblical accounts, ie: Abram's encounter as friend of GOD, Moses', David's, Elijah's, and especially when GOD came to live among us...this idea, having the implication of becoming frail like us, enduring all that we must endure, and loving the most unlovable among us...completely.

Like a child, we must show our love through our actions...This doesn't save us from condemnation that we constantly live in and shovel fuel into the fire thereof..
Only the work of living perfectly and providing a covering for our sin(imperfection)can afford us salvation, yet we fall far short. Nevertheless, as the Scriptures state, this Jesus (hebrew: Yeshua meaning savior) has accomplished this work, and not only that, but died to conquer death on our behalf. What work do we do to earn this love...none. We simply must believe this is the truth..not on blind faith, but the evidence that has been carried down for centuries enduring critic after critic and trial after trial, always able to overcome. Even today evidence of this freedom can be seen in the lives of transformed people, the people that one would assume on a humanistic level, have no chance for redemption!

Looking at the relationship I look at my son, when he does as I wish, he shows his respect for my wisdom for his life and this in turn shows his trust and love for me as his dad. (The wisdom I speak of is not a kingly all knowing wisdom that is to dictate his life, no it is wisdom that will keep him from harm to his physical body as well as his emotional well being.) He shows the most important aspect of our relationship, not the obeying of my rules *which are for his benefit*, but he as reveals his love for me in his trusting my hope for his life.

Monday, February 4, 2008

a finite view of design

For myself, design begins and ends with strict right angles and the geometry that ensues from the use of this simple rule. Perhaps, a majority could not envision such a drastic division from the fact and form subdivisions that we grew up with, as home. Maybe this type of form presents a coldness, and yes this particular specimen pictured does lend a industrial chill, however with a dash of natural cedar planks and perhaps some warm earth tones it could be near temperate.

What I'm focusing on is the intent of simplicity, using space and geometry to make a cubist sculpture (art) and also an interior of living openess. This allows the majority of community space, i.e. living room, kitchen, dining, to be enjoyed from any part of the floor plan. Yet, private space such as bedrooms almost seem like personal tree forts.

I know this type of "modern or contemporary" design is selective, however, if we don't jump to judgement based on first impressions, you never know...

Last, but not least, is the perspective of less waste and more efficiency in building and maintaining a structure, such as a house. Most traditional homes have varying degrees of angles inherent in design, and these angles not only add extra cost to a structure, but also produce significant material waste($) . Furthermore, modern type architecture lends one to look differently at finishing materials such as a polished concrete slab floor poured over hot water piping running throughout allowing super efficient heating and lower energy consumption equaling lower bills! And where traditional type flooring is used, not so traditional sources pop up in the form of highly renewable wood flooring like bamboo... all of which only add to a modernesque style.

Its not everyone's cup of tea, but its definitely a simmering cup of water waiting for the chance to steep.

congrats to Plaxico and the Giants

I'm not such the avid watcher of football Americana, however I make quite the exception when a team like the Giants makes it to the Super Bowl. I have to admit, the game was edge of your seat excitement and both teams played to win. Yet there was something in the way the Giants defense kept their intensity on full power. It seemed as if Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady just couldn't get a chance to let go of the pigskin before he was knocked to the ground. There was no stopping Strahan and his defensive line. Only in the midst of the fourth quarter could you see them let up their barrage of attack. However, after Brady was allowed to score due to the Giant's defensive "rest", the intensity was turned up to boiling. They didn't stop until they forced a fourth down defeat for Brady's Patriots.

Now for the interesting viewpoint. In the picture above we see the giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress kneeling to honor God after his game winning touchdown reception. Even after the game Plaxico had the first interview and continued in this humility. He was thankful to God not for the win of the superbowl (since one would believe God has no interest in triumph of a game) but thankful that through his year of injuries he was able to persevere. Thankful that he had the ability and talent to do his job and do it successfully.

Its reassuring how poetic justice has proven it's point yet again. The Patriots were caught cheating this year, by making illegal video recordings of the opposing teams play calls, giving them a disputed edge. Now of course anyone can see their talent and ability, however to win at any cost, even cheating, is a very weak link. They were going to have a perfect season with a definate win over a "overconfident" team that shouldn't have statistically made it to the big game. Nevertheless, the underdogs won and robbed the Patriots of their perfect season and the most important game to any coach or players life; The Super Bowl.

Did God care about this game, I still doubt it, however, it is ironic how everything turned out!

Friday, February 1, 2008

finite creates the less finite

Perhaps you have viewed this video before, nevertheless I'm in awe whenever I watch it. I received my degree in 3d modeling and animation in 2000(however, I do not use this knowledge) and I'm floored by the realistic feel of this production.
More importantly, at this moment in humanity we are approaching an episode similar to what you have viewed. If it is true that life imitates art, I sure hope we keep an eye out for the droid that gets struck by lightning and becomes disgruntled...

However, I like the role they play here as some sort of peace officer where peace is often a fleeting notion.

Speaking of peace, I'm sure most people understand it is not a realistic option for our world as it stands now. To much evil and not enough good. I think the peace that is possible, the peace that Jesus spoke of, the kind that only He can give, takes place in ones own life. He wasn't talking about Jimmy Carter Oslow peace accords peace...because obviously that kind is fleeting. Jesus spoke about peace with God through His willingness to be the peace offering!