Monday, February 4, 2008

a finite view of design

For myself, design begins and ends with strict right angles and the geometry that ensues from the use of this simple rule. Perhaps, a majority could not envision such a drastic division from the fact and form subdivisions that we grew up with, as home. Maybe this type of form presents a coldness, and yes this particular specimen pictured does lend a industrial chill, however with a dash of natural cedar planks and perhaps some warm earth tones it could be near temperate.

What I'm focusing on is the intent of simplicity, using space and geometry to make a cubist sculpture (art) and also an interior of living openess. This allows the majority of community space, i.e. living room, kitchen, dining, to be enjoyed from any part of the floor plan. Yet, private space such as bedrooms almost seem like personal tree forts.

I know this type of "modern or contemporary" design is selective, however, if we don't jump to judgement based on first impressions, you never know...

Last, but not least, is the perspective of less waste and more efficiency in building and maintaining a structure, such as a house. Most traditional homes have varying degrees of angles inherent in design, and these angles not only add extra cost to a structure, but also produce significant material waste($) . Furthermore, modern type architecture lends one to look differently at finishing materials such as a polished concrete slab floor poured over hot water piping running throughout allowing super efficient heating and lower energy consumption equaling lower bills! And where traditional type flooring is used, not so traditional sources pop up in the form of highly renewable wood flooring like bamboo... all of which only add to a modernesque style.

Its not everyone's cup of tea, but its definitely a simmering cup of water waiting for the chance to steep.

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