Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pro Life

Last Sunday our local pro-life crisis pregnancy center held a pro life rally here in Nanuet, NY. So before our family headed off to worship, we stopped to show our support for those that cannot defend themselves. Its demoralizing to think that since 1973 over 45 million people are not with us here in the US that should be. 45,000,000 babies have been SACRIFICED on the ALTER of self and the convenience thereof. Our country has about 310 million people now, so to make a comparison that's about 1/6th of our population in dumpsters or even worse in laboratories. My convictions on this issue are probably the strongest in my beliefs. Some may ask, how could I bring my child to a rally and ask them to hold a sign such as the one my son Malakai is holding. Its simple, I asked him if someone were going to kill him when he was a baby would he want someone to try and stop them...he says, yes.

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