Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Saddam was a monster..

I see the horrific display of evil in this photo of a Kurdish woman and her infant after the Dictator Saddam Hussein deployed chemical warfare agents in 1988. Over 30,000 Kurds lost their lives to chemical weapons attacks by Saddam during the 1980's.

However, when I saw this photo, my heart began to hurt. To think how these human lives were ended due to lust for power and pure hatred. I look upon the face of this child and think of the millions and millions of babies that our country disposes of each atrocity equal to the moment in time caught in this image.


ELIYAHU said...

I find the movement for Kurdish liberation fascinating. They are populated in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey: the area spoken of in Isaiah 19:23-25. The Kurds also have a strong kinship with Israel. You may find these links informative:

charles said...

thanks mishbucha! I now have more research materials for my brain!