Thursday, June 19, 2008

wishing it would never end...

As time passes, as it always does, I look back at moments suspended in time via two dimensional images. Its strange to look at the past so remember the moments as they grow more faint. Its not so much sad as it is an odd feeling, to see a moment of the past so accurately captured, yet not really know the emotion or the very senses. Of course, I live in this moment, and when I'm with the wifey or kiddies I want to make the most of those moments, however fleeting they might be. I guess because I know that the moments we have will affect the moments, Lord willing, to come... either negatively or positively. Therefore, my thesis is to live each moment fully, with the intention to do the best one can, however we will fail, yet as long as we have the moment, we can improve.


Anonymous said...

Yer boy looks like he knows where to hide when the clippers come looking for him!

Shelly Shel

Vee (Scratch) said...

Even when things don't go right, I pray, sit back and relax. You have to live each moment because it will be gone very soon. So I try my best not to preoccupy myself with grudges or bitterness.
I'll laugh at the mistakes I make.